Is Winter Over?

It has been a long very cold winter. The past few days it has been around 40 and today it went up to 50; I've been out walking whenever I get a chance and today Kyle joined me today for a jog =)
Next week I plan on buying some lettuce seeds so I can start some seedlings.

I survived my first week at work, it was mostly paperwork and such, and the next few weeks are training. It's nice to have a schedule again, I was only unemployed for eight weeks, but I was losing my mind.

The ever gloomier reports about the economy made the winter worse, there were points where I never thought I would find a job, now that Kyle and I are both working I'm not worried about paying bills, but grad classes, student loans, a newer car for Kyle sooner than later (He has a 1992 Honda), and trying to save on two entry level salaries is not easy.

I did interview for a part-time retail job in Freeport and the woman said if my references checked out I would be hired. It's only 10 hours a week, but I plan to use the money for school.I am applying for a December admission to USM and hopefully taking a non-degree course in the fall.

We are looking to stay in our current house-sitting job past May 1st to save money, fingers crossed we can stay till July 1st.

Not much else to report. I've been on a big donating kick, our old clothes go to goodwill and some of my book collection is going to the local library. I've been on a healthy food kick, lots of fruit and veggies. I'm taking the GRE in May, and I'm really happy to see the sun.


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My car amazingly enough passed inspection. Needs a new air filter though...and it looks like im getting tires for xmas :(

I have everything for my dorm except power strips a lamp and some hygene stuff. oh and a trash can and school supplies. I bought the microwave.

I took my french placement test and tested into semester 2. SO i'll just start studying French next semester.

I paid off my car insurance, and my half of the first semester bill. I still need to pay for the air filter and registration.

My glasses (which are HAWT should be arriving soon) and on the 24th im travelling to Farmington to take the analyzing literature CLEP test.

I sort of feel like im treading water right now. I can't wait to leave for college.

ALbert leaves in two days and Martin left last saturday. I was like hey man and he was like hey and then we hugged. word. \

Daddy has a new girlfriend and he wants us to take a family bonding trip to the Cape. Since when do we bond. Im not going I have to work.

oh yeah im selling my computer and printer...$300 or best offer


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I got fired from my second job. He hired too many people.

I went ot a show at watts hall and someone told somebody told somebody that i was making out with Kevin. I wish I had been informed of this. I don't remember making out with Kevin.

Last night coming home i was going 75 in a 45 and the telltale blue lights came on. I pulled into a side street and shut off my lights and they went past. I am awesome.

Tonight I hung out with everybody from watershed, alice, willow. Martin wanted me to smoke with him, but I didn't really feel like it. I've never smoked before and ehhhh. Gave the twins a ride home, martin broke my trunk.

So thats my life and I have work tommrow.

Anyone know if chelseahad her baby?

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